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Launch date will be Sept. 12

Save the date5The notice I received last week reminded me of the “save-the-date” card that I got for my colleague’s wedding. This time, however, it was an email from one of the sales managers at History Press. It said:

“I am very pleased to inform you that we have scheduled the publication of The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia for Monday, September 12, 2016.”

Please save the date, the sales manager said, since publication is usually a busy time with “media interviews, book signings and other events.” Media interviews and book signings?  As I told my editor, I’m all in.

“We have not made any firm sales or marketing plans yet, but we will be in touch with you several weeks before the on-sale date to talk about specifics,” the sales manager said. “This date has not been shared with any online retailers, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, nor have we shared it with local retailers.  We will begin contacting retailers and media outlets closer to publication.”

My editor described Sept. 12 as the “release date” and said, “Retailers are told about the book in advance, and many often will order copies to have in their stores to begin selling from Sept. 12. It is when preordering ends and direct sales begin on Amazon, our website, etc.”

I realize that tomorrow’s reality often doesn’t match today’s dream. But I’ll savor this news for a couple of days.

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