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Every author needs a Facebook page

Susan Larson
Susan Larson

First came the writing, then the production, and finally the marketing. To help me market The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia, I hired Christina Dill, who created this website, and Susan Larson, a Facebook expert. Susan is the publisher of Fredericksburg Today, an online news site, and teaches social media at Germanna Community College. With her guidance, I now have an author page on Facebook, in addition to my personal Facebook page. I hope to use the author page, along with this website and frequent posts to this blog, to build a community of people interested in the book.  And I thought all I had to do was tell a good story.

If you “like” my author page on Facebook, you will learn when I’ve posted new items to this blog. The page is at The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia. Susan’s website is Fredericksburg.today. You can “like” her Facebook page at Fredericksburg Today. Thanks, Christina and Susan.

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